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August 2011

Fishing lesson and business

Last Saturday I had a bit of a surprise. A good friend invited me over to his lovely cottage in the country so he could take me fishing. I had never been fishing but thought that it was a reasonably safe bet that it might involve water and fish.

After a great home cooked full English he picked his rod up and we wandered off up the road in the beautiful sunshine back along the road I had driven in on.

I don't know his village very well so as we were walking and chatting my mind was vaguely wondering where the river or lake could be as I didn't remember passing water of any sort.

We eventually turned into a field when I found myself on the local cricket green and Terry was putting his rod together. At this point I still assumed the water must be on the other side of the hedge.

Then in the middle of the cricket pitch he started showing me how to cast a fly fishing line. After half an hour we went to the pub with Terry explaining that there was no point going out on the boat until I knew what I was doing. We would move on to that next week.

On the way home I thought about the business lessons that could be drawn from the experience (as you do):

  • Technique is better than brute force (maybe a staff management lesson?)
  • Try something out somewhere safe first (maybe launching a new service or product or a new way of manufacturing or delivering your service)
  • Get help from someone who knows what they are doing (take advice and don't try and reinvent the wheel on your own)
  • Systems work
  • Expect the unexpected!

I am now better prepared for the fish the water and the boat!

Thanks Terry

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