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September 2012

Don't recruit a bookkeeper or internal accountant

....before you consider our alternative.

 At Prime we offer a Virtual Accounts Office (VAO) service which we believe offers a much better alternative for a business looking to recruit an internal accounts person, bookkeeper or accountant.

We have three VAO teams operating out of both our offices which offer a completely bespoke service to businesses of all sizes. This service is often cheaper than the salary cost incurred if you employ in the traditional manner whilst offering many additional benefits such as:

  • holiday and sickess cover (that becomes our issue not yours)
  • data backup 
  • access to your data from anywhere
  • regular accurate management information reviewed by qualified accountants
  • no recruitment costs
  • no 'hoping you've picked the right person' from your interview process
  • completely scaleable
Ask us to discuss this in more detail with you before you incur recruitment and advertising costs. We have many reference clients more than willing to tell you why they are glad they chose our VAO.
Watch our Hatton Country World case study above

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