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November 2011

Choosing the right accounts software

I am in South Africa at the moment staying with family on holiday. 

As they have wifi I can work pretty much as easily as at home, using the cloud, which is clearly a double edged sword! 

However it is preferable dipping into email every day rather than dealing with the mountain when I get back, particularly when many can be delegated! 

The beautiful weather helps as well.

I am staying with Chris who has two restaurants and is in the process of setting up two more. He is looking for a bookkeeper to look after them all for him so I naturally suggested that he ask if they will use Xero.

The answer he got was that they all use Pastel accounts down here.

Digging a bit deeper we find out that it is because they use Pastel software to prepare year end accounts so it makes it easy for them.

This is yet another example of the bookkeeper / accountant recommending software for a client that suits themselves rather than the client and his or her business, denying them of the advantages of the latest technologies and processes.

I wonder how long it will take before the demands of the market will sink in and the penny will drop. 

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