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April 2012

Business Telemetry

I don't really 'do' football, but I do do food and alcohol.

So, when one of our clients invited Jamie and I down to Wembley to watch one of the FA Cup semi-finals, I jumped at the chance. 

The client is a very successful company in the Healthcare industry, based in Essex. We have prepared management accounts for them for many years but like many similar situations we often found ourself waiting for their bookkeeper to bring all the records bang up to date at the end of each month. So while the management information was always useful, it was always a couple of months behind - good, but could be better. 

Fairly recently, after some discussion, they took the step of outsourcing their complete accounts function, using our VAO service

The benefits they identified included:
  • all their data was secure and backed up
  • don't have to worry about their bookkeeper being sick, on holiday etc
  • all their supplier payments are paid via our BACS bureau
  • their management information is available immediately
  • much better credit control (we do it) leading to improved cashflow  
  • no more expensive

Now I have been banging on about why businesses should do this, taking advantage of the latest technology, for some time. 

Relaxing in Club Wembley, the MD described the system as providing him with 'Business Telemetry'. I thought that was brilliant and wondered why I had never thought of it that way - but I guess sometimes you can't see the woods for the trees when you are in the heart of something that you are passionate about. 

Luckily I was still able to email that phrase to myself before it was lost! 

Definitions of telemetry include: 

"…automatic measurement and transmission of data…."
"…highly automated communications process…"

In a business context I think that's brilliant! 

The match was pretty good as well …I think!

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