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January 2017

Beware of SPAM emails claiming to be from The Insolvency Service

Prime Accountants Group is advising clients to be extra careful when opening SPAM emails.

Recently, we have been made aware that a client has received a SPAM email claiming to be from The Insolvency Service with the subject “Company Investigations Inquiry Report”.

Although the body of the email may vary between recipients, it will often be very similar to the following:

“Company Investigations Inquiry Notification

Informing You that we have received a complaint about your company which opens corporate abuse.

Your Inquiry Number:

As part of this occasion we have made our own background research and if it occurs to be in the public interest, we can apply to the court to eliminate the company and freeze it trading.

Also if the conduct of the director(s) who run the company is dubious enough, we can instigate proceedings to disqualify them from governing a limited company for a time span up to 15 years.

[Button to click]

The investigation may give us details that we can pass to another regulatory body that has more appropriate powers to deal with any concerns the investigation uncovers.”

Although this email may look legitimate, common errors to be aware of are typing errors, an ‘unfitting’ email address and when hovering over any buttons, you may find it would direct you to an unrelated website. This email is spam and by clicking any links contained within it you could be putting your system under threat. If you receive one of these emails, please delete it.

If an email arrives in your inbox and you are unsure of its authenticity, please feel free to forward this on to Primes IT Manager Nick Ballard at [email protected].

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