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June 2017

Auto enrolment is not a ‘one off’ job

Employers need to carry out a number of tasks on an ongoing basis to remain fully compliant with the law.

Record keeping

Employers must continually keep records of their auto enrolment activities including names and addresses of employees they have enrolled, records of when the contributions were paid to the pension provider, opt in requests, pension scheme reference or registry numbers and information that was sent to the pension provider. These records must be kept for a period of six years.

Opt out requests or notices must be kept for four years.

Ongoing employee assessment

You must complete an employee assessment each pay period to monitor any changes to an employee's age and earnings which could make them an eligible jobholder. New staff must also be assessed to see if they are eligible for enrolment.

Enrolling staff after the staging date

All existing or new staff that become eligible will need to be enrolled into the pension scheme. As part of this, eligible jobholders will need to receive an enrolment letter informing them of how auto enrolment will affect them now that they have become eligible. These employees will have the right to opt out of the scheme within the opt out period.

Auto Enrolment Fines

The responsibility of auto enrolment is with the employer and employers who fail to comply with their duties will be fined. In order to avoid fines you must complete all of your mandatory duties.

How can I ensure I am meeting my auto enrolment duties?

The easiest way to ensure you are meeting the duties of auto enrolment is to outsource your payroll and auto enrolment to Prime.

By outsourcing your payroll function to Prime we can process your payroll for you, complete your RTI submissions and ensure you are fully compliant with your auto enrolment and payroll duties. As a registered BACS Bureau we can even pay your employees on your behalf.

So, if you are fed up of the constantly changing legislation, worried you may not be fully compliant or you simply don’t have the time call Prime today on 024 7651 8555 to hear about our cost efficient, quality and confidential payroll service.

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