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January 2013

A week in the life of... a Payroll Manager

Our Payroll manager, Kerrie Lucas, was asked to write an article on my working week for the November issue of “Payroll Professional” the monthly magazine from CIPP.

With over 300 payroll clients and the changes introduced by RTI my weeks are rather busy, this week in particular was quite hectic... 

Wake up at 6:45am as I am being shouted at by my phone alarm.
Unfortunately I have been caught by the bug we all call technology and instantly look at facebook / Linked in / twitter and my emails to see if anything has changed or arrived overnight.
I arrive at work usually around 8:15; it’s usually really quiet at this time so I get to deal with any queries first before getting on with the daily payroll routine.
As Prime is a BACS bureau, we process the salaries and PAYE BACS payments for a large number of our payroll clients. I prepare my weekly schedule checking the Directors diaries and letting them know who is responsible for sending my BACS files each day.
I check the payroll log to see what payrolls are due and prioritise my workday accordingly.
Mondays are full of the weekly payrolls coming in various formats from our clients.

Starts as a normal day at work processing the many payrolls we have in, then I get a call from our Marketing Manager who’s had an SOS call from a prospective client, interested in outsourcing their payroll to us. We have come highly recommended and they need help quickly. The company wants to move their payroll this month so I delegate my current payrolls to my team and go to meet them to discuss their needs.
A successful meeting! The client is elated we can prepare their payroll so quickly and provide them with reports that will make their life so much easier. I discussed the fees and the details I required, it’s quite a large payroll so I ask for the data to be sent to me electronically so I can import it into our payroll software.
After lunch the new client’s acceptance of our proposal and payroll data is in my inbox. I am pleased with the speed at which I received this and get on with setting this up and running the clients first payroll with us. We give all our clients a first class service, but I am overly protective with the first payroll for any new client. A payroll is only as good as the data you receive so there are many calls and emails back and forth to iron out any anomalies.
As I am tied up my colleagues check today’s BACS transmissions have all been sent.

Busy BACS day today as we have to send the PAYE payments to HMRC for those clients who choose to use us for this service.
Also, all the weekly Friday paid payrolls have to go as well. I chase our payroll Director to send them as soon as possible - I am much happier when I know the BACS have gone!

I attend a women’s lunchtime networking group in Solihull - approximately 20 of us meet once a month to see how we can all help promote each others businesses. It’s a great source of referrals for us.
Then it’s back to our Coventry office as I am speaking at our second RTI seminar tonight for clients, non clients and professional contacts. We have had a good response and I am looking forward to sharing all I have learnt about RTI and the changes ahead for payroll . But I am still worried that there are so many companies out there who are not members of the CIPP or use an agent such as Prime who have no idea about the changes ahead. I love all things payroll - I come alive when I get the chance to talk to a room about payroll and how Prime can help them.
The seminar has gone really well, we have Prime clients who had always ran their own payrolls manually and passed the data to me at tax year end to prepare their P35. With the changes they are realising that the task will become too much for them and after talking to me now wish to outsource their payrolls completely to Prime - a great result as they will get an exceptional service.

I am tired today as the seminar went on until 8pm; the realisation of the changes that lie ahead sparked many questions so it went on later than expected. I come into work and sit nice and quietly processing payrolls. I get a welcomed call from our receptionist asking if I want to order breakfast – yes please (Bacon, Mushroom and Hash brown batch) lovely.
The new payroll client from Tuesday calls to thank me for such a good service, easy to read reports and most of all getting it right. A great end to a hectic week! The client is going to use our BACS service, but this takes a few weeks to set up so the client is paying the employees direct for now.
I have a teenage daughter who I spend most days chauffeuring around to various activities, so I spend a few hours tonight reading the new material for this year’s Foundation Degree in Payroll management as I am also a tutor for the CIPP.

If you would like to talk to me about your payroll, please contact me today on 02476 518 567.

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