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June 2011

A blog about our blog

Welcome to this first edition of our regular blog which is part of our new, revamped website.

We’ll be using the blog to comment on some of the key issues that affect businesses every day. But don’t worry, we won’t be beating you about the head with the minutiae of financial legislation! What we’re interested in is providing food for thought and sharing some of the insights, ideas and experiences that come from talking to our clients working at the sharp-end of commercial enterprise.

We act for numerous different types of professions, trades and businesses represented among our client base, ranging from sole traders to SMEs. This creates a broad business community where virtually every problem and opportunity comes up at one time or another. And of course, we’re a business too, dealing with many of the same issues. There will be plenty to talk about and it goes without saying that if you want to join in the conversation, please let us have your comments.

While I’ll be the prime Prime blogger, we’ll also be featuring guest bloggers from time to time depending on the subject matter. So that’s the introductions over with. Time to pen my first proper blog now ‘KPIs – why measuring is good for you’...

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