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May 2015

3PS Challenge-Snowdon

Although cycling mile after mile for day after day is nothing new for the Prime Accountants Group team, the combination of walking, rowing and riding pushed our team to their limits.

The route presented the cyclists with many different obstacles to contend with… such as the Welsh mountains (who would have thought there would be so many!) and the many sheep that seem to be occupying the road. The route was puncture free, which considering some of our previous rides is nothing less than a miracle! And near enough incident free however, a steep downhill and a hairpin bend nearly took Jonathan out (admittedly despite being warned). After two long hard days of cycling we arrived in Lake Bala, where we were welcomed in by more members of our team joining up with us for the rowing.

Without a single experienced rower amongst the team we set off to row the length of Lake Bala. As the boats entered the water it very quickly became obvious that the rowing technique was going to take some mastering not to mention the steering. Although the intention was to row directly across the lake in a straight line, the "scenic route" was unintentionally taken as the boats crossed the water in a Z like pattern.

Following the rowing the cyclists got back on the bikes for yet more cycling… and more hills. After another 50 miles and 3,000 feet of incline we arrived in Snowdon earlier than expected, so early the welcoming party wasn’t ready… no cheering, no waving, no whooping. The cyclists even had to put their own bikes away (not that we’re bitter about that).

In the morning and after the bikes had been put away we had our first puncture… a blow out on the motorway. Some people will do anything to get out of a challenge! Unfortunately for Adrian he was back on the road in no time and by late morning our team had grown again to a squad of 29 for the walk. For most walking up Snowdon was like walking into the unknown, not only for the reason that the clouds were lower than the summit and we couldn’t see where we were going but that many of us taking part have never done anything like this before. With our matching kit and recently purchased walking boots, we certainly were the walking definition of "all the gear, no idea". The path in parts was little more than broken rocks and mud which reinforced the point that walking boots were a FANTASTIC purchase. Reaching the summit was a great sense of achievement and as we did so the donations continued to come in and we surpassed the £8,000 mark (over 50% of our £15,000 target) which made all our efforts well worth it. And then the clouds rolled away and the sun came out.

Our team have embraced every challenge we put before them and to have so many of us walk up together was a truly inspirational sight. To coincide with the continued support from our clients, professional contacts, friends and family we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in making stage 1 of the 3PS Challenge a roaring success.

Now, who’s up for stage 2?...

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