Prime Blog

July 2013

It's grim cycling up north

Alarms went off at 5am so we could start getting the fuel on board for the day ahead - I went for porridge with water and honey and a bulletproof coffee (google it and make your own mind up).

Sharon Jeffery - Alcester ride

It was just a normal day in the world of the Prime Accountants Group until around 4.30pm, all of a sudden there was a fantastic buzz that made everyone move away from their desks; it was the launch of our Gold Postbox Cycle Challenge and the first route was about to start!

The training routine of a support driver

So my athletic colleagues are spending several hours a week in the saddle getting in as much training as possible before the challenge commences. And Bloody Kevin (see Morgan’s blog) talks about nothing else but the Gold Postbox Cycle Challenge.