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Music or Maths?

My old piano teacher once told me that you often find that musicians are good at maths.... or she may have said that mathematicians are often good musicians (which now makes me wonder whether it makes a difference which way round she said it ...)

A blog about our blog

Welcome to this first edition of our regular blog which is part of our new, revamped website.

KPIs - Why measuring is good for you

What you measure you always improve. A homily it may be but it’s a good one none the less.

Cloud Computing - the sky's the limit!

Although the concept of holding computer data remotely has been around for many years, it’s come on in leaps and bounds under the name cloud computing. If you’ve not already done so, this is definitely something you should be thinking seriously about to help move your business forward. In fact, you may already be using cloud computing without even knowing about it.

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