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My top 10 rules for business success

At Prime we have seen hundreds of businesses over the years. You often see two very similar businesses, similar sizes in the same industry or trade. One succeeds and the other fails. The failed entrepreneur blames it on the recession, the banks won't lend, the Government, the local authorities etc; but how come the other business succeeded?

Bookkeeping has moved on

I visited a typical small business during the week with our marketing assistant who has recently joined our marketing department.

Keeping your finger on the pulse

Having an accurate insight into how your business is performing is essential to make informed decisions. We live in a fast-moving 24/7 society where real-time information is ever-more necessary to ensure quick and effective responses to fluid circumstances.

Fishing lesson and business

Last Saturday I had a bit of a surprise. A good friend invited me over to his lovely cottage in the country so he could take me fishing. I had never been fishing but thought that it was a reasonably safe bet that it might involve water and fish.

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