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Plan To Be Positive And Let the Doom & Gloom Merchants Fail

I have been talking to lots of clients this week who operate in various different industries and it is so obvious which ones will have a great 2012 and which ones will struggle. So, which ones will succeed? Simple; the ones who want to make it happen; sounds a little clichéd I know but the ones who look to develop their business, find new markets, improve their current operations and efficiencies will be the ones that do well.

Cloud business benefits

I was asked recently to write a guest blog piece for a Cloud computing advice website explaining the cloud benefits in terms of CAPEX v. OPEX. It may never see the light of day as I veered off on a tangent, so as I have spent the time writing it I am going to share it here!

Accountants or Business Advisers?

There is a significant industry which has grown up to help accountants market themselves and provide identifiable ‘products’ to ‘sell’ to differentiate themselves from their local competition, because, lets face it, accountancy isn’t really sexy (although I would actually argue that it is, but that’s another blog perhaps).

A cloudy week

Ten years ago Prime were involved in a joint venture with a computer company to launch an Application Service Provider (ASP) service.

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