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Prime About Prime

July 2014

Kevin Johns

15 Jul 2014

Verisec Limited

During a familiarisation trip to the UK, we met Prime who told us about the services they could provide to businesses like ours, looking to have a presence in the UK, without having to fully commit to a UK office.

Prime helped us set up a UK limited company and explained what we then needed to do to fulfil our statutory obligations.

They helped us select the most appropriate accounting software solution that meant we could still raise the sales invoices and deal with the purchase orders but the data was being regularly reviewed to check for errors and when we needed help they were on the end of the phone to help us.

Many of our suppliers send their invoices to Prime's office, which are then forwarded to us via email.

They make sure we don't miss any important deadlines and file documents such as year end accounts with Companies House and the tax office for us. We don't have to worry about UK rules and regulations. Prime tell us what we need to know and handle it all for us.

With the UK operation continuing to grow and my time needed looking at other new markets, we have recently just handed over to Prime all the book-keeping work too. Using Xero allows us to still have access to all the information we need at our convenience.

To see what Prime could do for your business, please contact us today.