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Prime About Prime

August 2014

Laurence Moore

21 Aug 2014


Southalls was founded in 2003 by John and Angela Southall, and provides a range of bespoke health and safety solutions to clients.

Following the company’s success the firm now employs seven people, with a wealth of skills and experience across a wide range of sectors. Qualified professionals adopt a ‘hands-on approach’ to delivering a real, tangible benefit to clients’ businesses.

Contradicting the stereotype that with Health and Safety attracts mountains of paperwork, Southalls have bucked the trend by utilising the ‘cloud’ to offer a range of health and safety services in a paper free environment. Southalls, like Prime are advocates of the cloud and are committed to finding efficient working solutions to fulfil a clients requirements.

“Like most start up businesses, our book-keeping involved retaining receipts, making notes and storing a lot of information in my head” said John.

“However, as the business started to grow, we moved towards excel spreadsheets as a way of recording information. This information was then submitted to our accountant at the end of the year to produce a set of accounts for us” continues John.

Since inception, the business has grown significantly in size and complexity, and in 2010, demands on the business became such that excel spreadsheets were no longer fit for purpose. It was at this time, that John started researching the marketplace to see what alternatives were available to better fulfil his and the businesses needs and he discovered Xero.

“It was at a local networking event that I met a representative from Prime, who delivered a short presentation on Xero. Having struggled to get my current accountant to even look at it, I decided to talk to Prime to see if they could help me. It was clear from the outset that they had embraced Xero and were keen to tell others about it” said John.

“Xero is perfect for our business; it gives myself and Angela as directors access to management information as and when we need it and also our employees the ability to work “on-the-go”, accessing information in a timely and efficient manner. Being cloud based also means that the data is not tied to one computer, with the potential for data to be lost or damaged; all users can access the information from anywhere (subject to an internet connection)” continues John.

Southalls provide and receive benefits from cloud based software. To see how you can too contact us about your accountancy requirements on 02476 518 555 or to talk about your health and safety requirements talk to John Southall on 0345 257 4015.