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Prime About Prime

November 2014

Kevin Johns

28 Nov 2014

Hatton Country World

With 18 aches of land and numerous attractions, Hatton Country World has a lot to offer families looking for a day out, and as a result has established itself as one of the top tourist attractions in the region.

Key to Hatton’s success is the smooth operation of its slick accounts department which is completely operated by Prime via our Virtual Accounts Office (VAO) service.

This video explains how Prime and Hatton work together through a flexible working relationship. With regular meetings to discuss management information, Hatton receives all the benefits of a Finance director but for a fraction of the cost of actually hiring one.

We have numerous clients who use our VAO service, which allows them to spend more time on running their business rather than investing time chasing invoices, paying suppliers and producing accounts. If you are interested how Prime could offer you a bespoke service for your business, please contact us today.