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Prime About Prime

March 2015

Laurence Moore

9 Mar 2015

Eydens Locksmiths

Rob Eyden is the managing director of a family run business, Eyden Locksmiths.

Typical of many businesses the accounts department consisted of a couple of key employees. So, faced with the impending retirement of the most senior employee, Rob faced the difficult decision as to how to replace that person and recruit for such a key role, handling sensitive confidential information. Not having a detailed accounts background himself he may have put himself at the mercy of recruitment agencies but he spoke to us and went in a different direction.

Watch the video to see what this solution was.

Eyden’s no longer have to consider staff issues in the accounts department as they have outsourced this to Prime, who ensure invoices are chased and paid, as well as providing quality management information to enable better informed business decisions.

Prime’s Virtual Accounts Office (VAO) facility is flexible to meet the needs of our clients, to talk about your requirements and how we can meet these in an effective manner please contact us today.