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Prime About Prime

October 2013

John Osborne

9 Oct 2013

Drawing Room Interiors Ltd

Prime would like to congratulate one of our clients Diana Celella from Drawing Rooms Interiors Ltd for being shortlisted for the SBID International Design Award 2012, where the winner was announced in Milan.

Acting for Community Integrated Care Group (CIC) Diana designed the Each Step Blackley, which is a dementia nursing home. Designing a dementia-friendly environment, which successfully feels homely not institutional, is something the CIC felt very strongly about.

Due to the specific nature and requirements requested by the client, research undertaken by Sterling and Bradford University was considered. This research was the basis of the design and ensured that colours were not bland but at the same time doesn’t over-stimulate the residents.

Elements such as contrasting colours were vital to help distinguish between floors and walls, which aids the prevention of falls. The interior provides a retro feel and is themed by using pictures and accessories to help orientation and gives something for residents to relate to.

The amenities installed are a testament to the projects success. Considering the budget of £300,000 the home, completed in June this year, now includes 60 bedrooms and bathrooms, gym, library, Costa coffee, hairdressers as well as other facilities available for residents.

This is a truly remarkable project and we would like to congratulate Diana on her recent success.